Exploring Kites And Other Inexpensive Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Kids

These days everyone is looking for a little inexpensive fun and entertainment when spending time outside with the kids. In an effort to keep a tight reign on the finances, a lot of families are getting back to basics and trading in expensive hobbies and habits to enjoy simpler, less budget-gouging, outings. Flying kites is a perfect example of a great outdoor activity to enjoy with the kids that won’t take a huge chunk out of allotted recreational resources.Flying kites has provided endless hours of fun and excitement for generations of children and grownups alike. Running around outside on a breezy day combined with the challenge of getting a colorful, hand picked craft airborne generates a perfect storm of enjoyable activity for all age groups. Knowing a few quick tips about the activity will help keep things age appropriate, inexpensive and entertaining for all involved.Flying Kites With Kids – Tips To Keep In MindWhen purchasing kites for the family, it is important to keep the group’s youngest aviators in mind. A simple, single line kite proves an excellent option for novice flyers of any age and at any skill level. A single line kite is designed specifically for medium force gusts and provides a perfect choice for rookie flyers with small hands. Most importantly, these crafts come in variety of price points to ensure affordability and a virtually endless array of colors, shapes and tail lengths. The kids can pick their favorite design and it won’t exhaust the allocated finances.Children of all ages will also enjoy learning how to get their new single line kite airborne and keeping it sky bound. First, for safety reasons, find a wide open space like a public park, field or unpopulated beach during a windy day with no chance of electrical storms. Teach the children to stand with their backs against the wind while a helper holds the device by its brindle point. As the child moves away from the craft, it will achieve liftoff! They will love engaging in friendly competition trying to outdo each others’ hang times as they master this fun and inexpensive outdoor family activity.Other Fun And Inexpensive ActivitiesSince the family is already together and outdoors, why not enjoy some other inexpensive group activities? Try some old fashioned fun like a family game of tag or hide and seek. Pack up the bubbles and watch the kids chase and pop them. Have an impromptu family bubble blowing contest to see who can create the biggest orb in the group. Bring along Frisbees, gliders and rockets to get the entire crew off the couch and moving. Even something as simple as a pair of binoculars can add an adventurous element to the outing and can be enjoyed right in the backyard. The kids can explore the trees, bugs, birds and clouds and then write a journal of all their new discoveries for the day.Having a fun-filled day with the kids doesn’t have to be expensive or over orchestrated to prove successful. Just getting back to basics and heading outside with a few simple items provides more than enough adventure for the entire family!

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